Thursday, July 02, 2009

University of East London, Royal Albert Dock

University of East London, Royal Albert Dock

The students of UEL have a spectacular setting on the Royal Albert Dock. The campus was opened in 1999, the famous buildings designed by Edward Cullinan Architects.

The Univesity itself was officially opened in 2000 by mayor Ken Livingstone who said it was the first new university in Lonodn for 50 years. I know because I was there.

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Anonymous said...

The Docklands campus overlooks the London City Airport runway. The noise impacts on lectures and halls of residence.

Newham Council approved further expansion of this airport from 76,000 to 120,000 flights. This would see one 1 flight every 90 seconds during peak times.

The airport was built in 1987 and was limited to 30,000 as it was in a residental area. Even then, the airport and Newham Council have ignored the local community and broken promises about no expansion.

It is quite possible that the site will have to be demolished as it will be too noisy to teach, if expansion continues.