Wednesday, September 17, 2008

London City Airport Expansion

I am angry that the Council wants to give London City Airport permission to increase flights from 80,000 to 120,000, this is about the same number as Luton Airport (116,000 in 2006).

Newham Council does not care that the noise from the airport's operation is causing misery to the quality of life of Newham residents in Sourth Beckton, Royal Docks, West Beckton, Gallians Reach, North Woolwich, Silvertown, Custom House, Cyprus, Canning Town South (see plan). People can't even open windows during the summer time and can people enjoy enjoy the garden and open parks. So why let it increase flights?

Using the Council's own figure, noise will increase from 3,000 homes to 11,000 homes (within the 57dB noise contour). On weekdays, people can expect one 1 flight every 90 seconds!!

When London City Airport was built in the 1985, it was restricted to 30,000 flights. The airport promised that it would use smaller quieter planes. But all these promises have been broken and since that time is has applied for more flights, expanded the runway, built more stands. The majority of aircraft are much larger now and they are using larger 100 seater 'regional' Jets, instead of smaller quieter 30 seater planes. So it is nuts that the Council is letting them expand further?

And so where do our Politicians stand?
(1) Stephen Timms MP's web site says "Working For You". So why did he write an article in the Newham Recorder supporting London City Airport?. Is he working for Residents? or London City Airport's Shareholders?

(2) Jim Fitzpatrick MP (E16) - remains silent!

What about the Local Councillors? Should they not be supporting residents?
(3) Beckton Ward Councillors (E6)

Ayesha Chowdhury - Received free flight to Dublin airport
Christine Bowden -
Alec Kellaway - Wrote a letter in private capacity to support the airport

(4) Custom House Ward (E16) (inc West Beckton)
Patricia Holland - Received flight to Dublin Airport and Giftbag [And sits on Planning Board]
Conor McAuley -
James Butler -

(5) Royal Docks Ward (E16.... Silvertown, Brittania Village,.....)
Anthony McAlmont -
Patrick Murphy -
Simon Tucker -

Sir Robin Wales - is supporting the London City Airport.....(and is good mates with Managing Director of Richard Gooding of London City Airport that he gets invited to his 40th Anniversary!).

None of the above Councillors has publicaly objected to the London City Airport. So why have they not represented for the electorate?.

for a list of Goodies received by Newham Councillors!

Boris Johnson - Is Supporting the Airport (despite coming out a few days ago claiming we need to do something about Climate Change!). he does not like expansion at Heathrow, but does not mind that Newham residents will suffer.

What prosperity?
The airport claims it has brought prosperity to Newham but walking from North Woolwich to Silvertown shows no sign of it: roaring jets over head, no open spaces for recreation, a poor bus service, streets full of derelict buildings. Compare that with neighbouring Canary Wharf? It is a stark difference.
The 'prosperity' which London City Airport is so proud of arrives and departs in a car, leaving nothing for Newham residents - apart from the fumes and noise and inconvenience.

Well look at all the jobs that were "NOT" created as a result of the Airport?. For instance Building 1000 which is opposite the London City Airport has been vacant since 2002, struggling to find a suitable business tenant (see photo). It would have been welcome for the Borough to attract a prestigious businesses to the area, but this REGENARATION HAS UTTERLY FAILED. Who wants to have coroporate offices next to a noisy airport?. In fact this building has been bought by the Newham Council for £75m (which is merely relocating jobs from one part of the Borough to another). Hardly any encouragement for developers to build any new offices complexes (they were supposed to build a total of FOUR such buildings).

Lots of new development in West Silvertown is being scaled down and lots of housing will be effected....

You only have to look at the stark difference between E16 and E14 both on the Docks. Who is going to move into an area that is blighted with aircraft noise?

Sound Monitoring
London City Airport has breached a number of conditions relating to Sound Monitoring, which has been non-existant since 2000, so why hasn't the Council taking London City Airpport to Court for breach?. Instead the Council is rewarding the airport by allowing the Airport further expansion? So whose side are they on?.

The airport plays lots of Spin with employment figures. The airport "directly" employs 406 people and even then only 29% are from Newham (i.e. 117 people). The airport is supposed to employ 35% people from Newham. So How hard can this be?.

The airlines employ people, but it has no obligation to employ from Newham other than a commitment that they may be from the 'local area' which can mean as far away as Lewisham.

Residents who are interested should look at the "Fight the Flights" Blog on

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